To each soul is every other soul a back world

How charming it is that there are words and tones; are not words and tones rainbows and seeming bridges between the eternally separated?  To each soul belongs another world; to each soul is every other soul a back world.  Among the most alike does semblance deceive most delightfully: for the smallest gap is most difficult to bridge over.  For me – how could there be an outside of me?  There is no outside!  But this we forget on hearing tones; how delightful it is that we forget!  Have not names and tones been given to things that man may refresh himself with them?  It is a beautiful folly, speaking; therewith dances man over everything.  How lovely is all speech and all falsehoods of tones!  With tones dances our love on variegated rainbows. (Nietzsche – Thus Spoke Zarathustra)

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