Entropy and Syntropy

Order (syntropy), disorder (entropy), and how they are related.

Everything in the universe revolves around one single principle: on large scale, everything tends towards the highest level of syntropy – that is, order – even though, on small scale (”scale” both in space and time) it is the other way around because of the law of entropy – that is, disorder.

Entropy and syntropy, disorder and order, are not in balance: in the end, syntropy always prevails over entropy. Otherwise, evolution in any form simply could not occur, and the universe as we know it could not exist.

Entropy is destruction, syntropy is creation. But a process in which entropy and syntropy amplify one another is in itself a process of creation. Entropy is homogeneity; syntropy is heterogeneity. Because of this, any process that increases entropy in a small amount of space or time will increase syntropy in a larger amount of space and time.

Consider the following example: when heavenly bodies collide, an increase of entropy occurs. If an asteroid would collide with the Earth, I’m sure no-one will deny this fact. Yet it is through these very collisions that the Earth was once formed. A planet arises when a planetoid cleans its orbit of planetisimals – “infinitesimal planets.” Chemically, this increases entropy; the coalescing bodies melt to lava, erasing their features from their surface. But astronomically and cosmologically, it increases syntropy; the coalescing bodies form a planet. The solar system becomes less homogeneous because its mass is less evenly spread throughout it. The same can be said about the Big Bang: only when the singularity exploded could more complicated structures arise from its fundamental state.

The entropy of a black hole is very LOW:

S = kA/4Ap

where k is the Boltzmann constant, A is the surface area of the black hole, and AP is the Planck surface, that is, the Planck length squared.

Using the formula of the Schwarzschild radius, r = 2Gm/c^2, one can derive the surface area of the black hole:

A = 4πr^2 = 16G^2m^2/c^4

Replacing this using the mass of the entire observable universe (assuming there was as much net mass in the singularity then) we get that the entire universe then had an entropy of a mere 8,53 · 10^-9 J/K, about as much as there is in two trillion molecules at 30 Celsius.

This could be even lower depending on how one defines the surface area of the black hole — in this calculation we used the surface area of the ergosphere.)

Both entropy and syntropy will cause things to become unified, and this is how these two things are themselves unified to one. Entropy creates syntropy, and that is how the universe itself arose from night nothingness. Entropy in itself is part of syntropy: for it as well completes the infinite interconnectivity of the universe.

post: http://scienceray.com/physics/entropy-and-syntropy/

I believe that this anti-entropic or syntropic process represents a property of intelligence and is under its control. Even though the universe as a whole is gaining in heat entropy, virtually all subsystems are swimming upstream against this tendency and are becoming more complex and richer in information. It may ultimately be decided that entropy is also under the control of intelligence. Intelligence might arbitrarily be divided into entropic and syntropic systems.

post: http://www.supraconsciousnessnetwork.org/ch4p5.htm

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