Pi In The Sky


The world’s largest ephemeral installation scheduled to appear between Sept. 12 and 16

Pi in the Sky will be the largest ephemeral art installation in the world, taking place in the San Francisco Bay area as well as outer space. It is scheduled to appear in the sky above the Bay Area between Sept. 12 and 16.

Merging art and technology, ISHKY has brought together a team of artists, programmers and scientists to give life to a compelling vision that a community of millions will directly experience. The conceptual work, Pi In The Sky, explores the boundaries of scale, public space, impermanence, and the relationship between Earth and the physical universe.

Pi In The Sky has two unique interpretations: one within Earth’s atmosphere and one well beyond it. A team of synchronized aircraft will skywrite the first 1,000 numbers of pi’s infinite sequence in a 100+ mile loop around the San Francisco Bay Area. The second interpretation, in outer space, will include a constant string of pi emitted from a satellite.

The first one-thousand numbers of the infinite order of pi – 3.14159, etc



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