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O Mundo do Pensamento Rosa Cruz

O Mundo do Pensamento se compõe de sete Regiões de diversas qualidades e densidades e, à semelhança do Mundo Físico, o Mundo do Pensamento é dividido em duas principais divisões – a Região do Pensamento Concreto, que compreende as quatro … Continue reading

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Mikahail Bakunin

The passion for destruction is also a creative passion. . . . . . . . . . Anyone who makes plans for after the revolution is a reactionary. If there is a State, then there is domination, and in … Continue reading

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Sounds from the Drawer – Barefooted Fly

There are health risks and benefits associated with going barefoot. Footwear provides protection from cuts, abrasions, and bruises, from objects on the ground, as well as protection from frostbite and parasites like hookworm. However, some shoes can limit the flexibility and mobility … Continue reading

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Medíocre na Forma, Equivocado no Conteúdo

Hegel by Schopenhauer

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“The Fake ID’s” sung on a typewriter

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