Mark Shaw’s mannerism

36941212_lg_5672E 36941589_lg_5672436941599_lg_56725003dbwys 36941775_lg_56729 lg_5671631_Early_Black_White_Studio_Out lg_5671901_vf_butterfly_robe_arm_outa36941122_lg_5672C lg_5671911_vf_butterfly_robe_fronta lg_5671921_vf_butterfly_robe_swirlinga lg_5671931_vf_nude_backa lg_5671951_vf_pl_cape_seata lg_5671961_vf_pl_flor_boda lg_5671981_vf_pl_recl_halfa lg_5672001_vf_pl_sit_halfa lg_5672011_vf_pl_standing_trianglea.




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