Witches as Women Empowered by the Occult

By Anya Tchoupakov — Nov 6 2015


Witchcraft, femininity, nature, and photography come together in Rik Garrett’s collection Earth Magic, published in abook by Fulgur Press. The photographs are made using the wet plate collodion process and are reminiscent of old spirit photography. Long fascinated with the world of the occult, as well as man’s relationship to nature and fantasy, what the photographer has envisioned with this project is, “a matristic, nature-based world; a female-centric, ritualistic community completely apart from the rest of society. This is a history of ‘witchcraft’ devoid of ‘witch hunts,’ a race of women who draw their energy and inspiration from the Earth itself. What if there were a truth to the myths of Amazons and the books like Aradia, Gospel of the Witches? What if the fierce Maenads of Greek mythology still existed today, hidden from view? What if these truths were presented faithfully?”



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